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The International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA) is not-for-profit non-governmental organization of regional and national Biosafety Associations from all areas of the world. We are a global community of certified biorisk management professionals, scientists, laboratory personnel, architects, engineers, academics and policy makers who have a common interest in advancing biosafety and biosecurity.


Discover our Certification Programs 

IFBA’s professional certifications set a high standard for competency in biosafety and biosecurity.


Become a Mentor/Mentee 

IFBA’s global network of mentors and mentees are brought together to discuss regional/global biosafety and biosecurity issues.


Connecting Candidates with Sponsors

When you sponsor a certification exam candidate, you measurably strengthen global health security capabilities.

IFBA in the ASEAN Region

IFBA in West Africa and the MENA Region

Sustainable Cost-Effective Laboratories

IFBA’s Professional Certification Reaches Over 89 Countries Worldwide

To date, the IFBA has issued 1,438 Professional Certifications to individuals in 89 countries worldwide, a milestone for our growing program.

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